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Red Boots Photo Organizing

Honoring the Destiny of Your Memories

Think of a personal photo organizer like you do other professional services where you might hire someone because you are not trained in that field, you want someone experienced to give you ideas, you want an expert to do the job for you, or you just don't have the time to do it yourself!  
If you have come across my web site, you have taken that first step to seeking out some sort of help with all the photo chaos we are all experiencing nowadays.  We are not just dealing with prints in shoe boxes anymore -- there are photos everywhere...ancestral photos from parents, scrapbooks, magnetic albums, old framed photos and then all the digital images on our phones, computers, external hard drives, flash drives, CDs, tablets, social media, and on and on!
  • Are you overwhelmed just trying to find photos?
  • What about preserving your photos in case of a natural disaster?
  • Are you downsizing and have no space for all those old albums?
  • Do you have ancestral photos after losing a parent that need to be scanned so you can share with your siblings?
  • You know you need to get all those pictures off your phone, but it seems there is never time or you don't know how?
  • Are your child's wedding photos still on your computer waiting for the album to be done?
  • Are you dealing with splitting up photos after a divorce?
  • Wouldn't it be great to have your digital images organized in a way where you can find what you need quickly?
  • You want to do a special book or video for an upcoming celebration but where do you start?
  • Have you come across old slides or negatives that need scanning?













Red Boots Photo Organizing offers many services to help you

with your photo collection.  My goal is to provide you with high quality

work, set up a system so you can stay current and organized, give you peace

knowing your treasured memories are preserved for future generations,

and guide you through any other photo needs you have.

Hey ya’ll!  I’m Cita Sue and you’ve probably already figured out I’m definitely a Southern girl, a native Texan, and sort of like the color red.  So how did I get to be a personal photo organizer?

Be able to locate any photo anytime you want or need it!
Have peace of mind knowing your ancestral photos are preserved and when your computer crashes or there is a natural disaster your memories are backed up and safe.
One of the reasons we take pictures is to share them.  Incorporate your memories and photos into a special occasion or life tribute.
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