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To the majority of you out there, getting your photos in order always seems to be the last on your to-do list – one of those things that you will get to “someday.”  Did you know that only 2% of people have their photos organized?  So you are the normal one and I am the weirdo! For me, it was always one of those to-do’s that needed to be marked off my list (yes, I always have a list!) so it got done.  I began realizing as I got older (and wiser?) that not everyone thought that way.  
As a child, I loved pulling out “my baby box,” looking at the pictures first, then carefully putting them back in the box just as they were, and of course as a teenager I spent a lot of my time creating a scrapbook of memories.  In high school, I was on the yearbook staff -- organizing and laying out pictures in a book.  As a wife and mom in the 80's and 90's, I faithfully took a roll of film each month to be developed, had duplicates made to share, dated each envelope and picture, and then filed chronologically in a shoe box – thus began the years of organizing all the family photos.  I enjoyed it so much I once said, “I sure wish there was some way I could make money doing this” and thinking no way anyone would pay me to organize and date their pictures!  Little did I know how things would evolve in the photo world.  As I look back, I was enjoying, organizing, preserving, and sharing back then!  
I have had several different “careers” over the years besides always being a wife and mom:  court reporter, corporate computer industry, retail business owner, professional organizer.  Organizing, planning, time management, diagnosing and solving problems, computer skills, helping people, running a business, detail-oriented, importance of having things in order were all a part of my life – so what was missing?  My passion of photos!!  So when I discovered “photo organizing,” I found the perfect fit!
Just so you know where I’m at in life…I’ve been married (to the same man!) a long time, my sons are grown and married and have their own children, so I have many more family members to take pictures of!  (I think I can officially call myself a photo hoarder!)  I’ve been through losing parents and know how difficult it is to deal with all the ancestral photos besides everything else.  I’ve witnessed what natural disasters can do first-hand so am in the process of digitizing all my own photos for preservation.  
I know you probably don’t think like me, but something has happened in your life that has brought the importance of your life’s memories back to your to-do list and not something you will just get to someday.  Isn’t it good to know that there is someone out there that can help you?
I officially began professionally photo organizing in 2011 and became a Certified Professional Photo Organizer through the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO).  In 2020, APPO changed its name and is now called The Photo Managers.  This group provides training and support in this growing industry.  I attend their National Conference annually to keep me informed of all the latest and greatest in products, technology, and organizing techniques.  I also volunteer with the National Disaster Photo Rescue (NDPR) organization helping save and return photos to owners after disasters.  I am a member of Faithful Organizers (FO), an association for Christian Professional Organizers and a past member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), where I attained Golden Circle level which recognizes members who have attained an elevated level of experience and have been engaged in the business of organizing for more than five years.  I actively participate in the local Dallas-Ft. Worth area chapter (NAPO-DFW) as a Business Partner Member in photo organizing and have served as Membership Director and Vice-President on the Board of Directors.
I am so thrilled and excited to use the talents and my 100% OCD brain God has given me to help others who are not wired like me!  I took a brain quiz once that said I have the type of brain that “constantly requires stimulus in your fields of passions”…wow, that sums up why I’m a photo organizer!
Cita Sue Cox
Certified Professional Photo Organizer
Owner and FounderRed Boots Photo Organizing
"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms."   1 Peter 4:10
Christmas Photo with Grandkids
Cabin with new roof 002
Inside Front Cover
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APPO/The Photo Managers
     Certified Professional Photo Organizer - 2012-Present
APPO/The Photo Managers Charter Member 2011-Present
APPOThe Photo Managers MasterClass Graduate 2019
NAPO Member 2009-2017
NAPO-DFW Member 2009-Present
NAPO Golden Circle Member 2014-2017
NAPO-DFW Director of Membership 2010-2013
NAPO-DFW Vice-President 2018-2019
NAPO-DFW Business Partner of the Year - 2018
FO Member 2009-Present
NAPO-DFW Volunteer of the Year - 2019
APPO National Conference 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
NAPO National Conference 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019
National Disaster Photo Rescue Training 2015
Organizing After a Crisis 2014
NAPO Texas Regional Conference 2018
NDPR Leader - Rowlett/Garland Tornadoes - 2016
NDPR Participant - Van Tornado 2015
National Save Your Photo Day Event - 2014, 2016
Extreme Garage Make-Over NAPO-DFW - 2010
A&E Hoarders TV Show - 2010
TLC Hoarding: Buried Alive TV Show - 2010
Get Organized Minnie's Food Pantry NAPO-DFW - 2011
Extreme Kitchen Make-Over NAPO-DFW 2012
Get Organized Spring Fling NAPO-DFW 2013
Hoarding Conference - 2013, 2014, 2015
Dallas Emergency Preparedness Extravaganza - 2016
Presby Shelter Warehouse Make-Over NAPO-DFW - 2018

Hey ya’ll!  I’m Cita Sue and you’ve probably already figured out I’m definitely a Southern girl, a native Texan, and sort of like the color red.  So how did I get to be a professional photo organizer?

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