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General Sort Done -- Now What?

You’ve taken that first step in getting your hard-copy prints organized and the general sort is done, photos in bins and temporarily labeled in categories similar to these (detailed in previous blog):


Color prints

School photos / kid’s portraits


Newspaper clippings/paper memorabilia

In order to determine the next step, you must think about what your final goals are and then prioritize.

– Is it to have your heritage photos digitized? ….for backup, to share with relatives, to create an album, make them larger so you can identify people….

– Is it just to get all the prints organized? ….to get rid of duplicates, filed away and labeled in photo boxes, be able to find what you want when you want it….

– Is it to find photos for a coffee table book? ….of your kids growing up, family vacations, milestone birthdays or anniversaries….

– Is it to digitize as much as possible? ….to preserve, backup, have ready for projects down the road….

Getting your photos organized is not something you can accomplish quickly. The key to getting it done is to break it down in smaller projects and stay focused before moving on to the next step. So sit down, have a cup of coffee, and figure out your goal!

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