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Media Explosion -- The Second Time Around

I read an article the other day published by The Smithsonian Magazine.  It was all about how much media we see – in the digital format.  It gave all the staggering numbers of how much is produced, how much information we are bombarded with, and how we routinely cull through mainly social media.  We then pull out what we like and “collect” the items (e.g., Pinterest) and “share” our photos (e.g., Facebook).

We think the cutting and pasting of this information is relatively a new thing, but the actual attempt of dealing with all the information being thrown at us has occurred before.  Think back when printing of news was invented back in the early 1800’s.  In a very short period of time, there was an explosion of media and dozens of daily newspapers were being produced.  Photography was the new technology and people were overwhelmed in the same way we are digitally today.

So how did they cope with it?  There was way too much to read and newspapers were stacking up.  It was the scrapbook.  They would cut out what interests them and keep information that might be useful later on.  Sound familiar?  We do the same thing digitally today.

The digital age of pictures happened in the same way.  Just all of a sudden, we had hundreds (now thousands) of digital images to deal with and overwhelmed as to where to start.  Most of us are still trying to figure out the best way to manage it all.  It definitely has become more complex with so many devices, apps, and photos!!  Who would have ever imagined that a personal photo organizer would be a profession?

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