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Just so you know where all this good information is coming from, let me introduce myself.  My name is Cita Sue Cox and yes, I am from Texas (if you can’t tell by my name)!  I am one of those 2% of the population that actually have my pictures organized.  Looking back, I don’t believe it was because I’m OCD or anything, I think it was just something I loved doing.  If I ever had a moment of spare time while raising my family, that’s what I was doing — writing on the back of each picture, filing the envelopes, and being sure copies were made to send to all the family members.  I even made copies of the best photos of my two sons together so that each of them would have a copy someday.  I remember thinking at some point how great it would be to do this for other people, but thought at the time there was no way anyone would pay someone to do that!  Little did I know how technology would change things and the profession of photo organizing would evolve.

I was blessed to be able to turn my passion into a business.  I am now a certified personal photo organizer and I am passionate about helping people get their memories in order so they can share, preserve, and enjoy them!  This is a fairly new profession that a lot of people don’t even know exists.  I decided to start this blog to inform people about the field of photo organizing.

The digital age has totally changed how we take pictures, the volume of how many we take, how we share them, how we organize them, and for sure how we preserve them!  It’s a wonderful thing, but has brought on the problem of dealing with so many photos in so many devices in so many places!  I’m hoping I can share some things that will bring insight and awareness and ideas to help you with your precious memories!

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